Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Two Words with such meaning

Marissa's vocabulary has continued to expand and we are always entertained by when she tells us stories. She starts with lots of "uh uh uh's" but eventually gets to the point.

Tonight she and I were reading "Elmo Loses His Blanket," a book that has six flaps to open on each page to look for Elmo's blankie. Marissa's word for "open" is "ope." So here's what she sounds like as she searches for Elmos' blankie on each page:

This ope??

[opens flap with feigned surprise]

Oh! This ope!

[shuts flap, points to area with no flap]

This ope??

[scratches at part of page with no flap]

Oh! No ope!

[points to part with a flap]

This ope?

[opens flap with glee]

This ope!

It was a great example of how you can get a multitude of meanings from just a simple phrase, depending on how you say it.

I tried to get her to say "open," and she said it once, but once it got back to the book, "ope" was the word of choice.

She makes us laugh.

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