Monday, January 21, 2008

Every Girl's Dream

It's clear to me how very young we are when those of us of the female persuasion begin to "dream" of our wedding day.

I'm sure some of this is brought about by the Disney Princess (TM) line, as well as various movies, influences, etc. And it doesn't help that my wedding dress and veil is at the back of Lindsey's closet.

Lindsey asked me if she could play with my wedding veil, and she donned her Christmas dress that I bought (for cheap) after Christmas this year. It does fit this year, though I suspect it will still fit her next year as well.

So she began to play "wedding." She found some Christmas decs of mine from downstairs, which became her bouquet, and would ask Wayne or I to walk her down the aisle, which started at the kitchen and ended at the storage bench in the living room. She asked me to sit where the minister would be, and then I needed to ask her name and the name of the groom, then I would say, "You are married happily ever after, you may kiss the bride!"

Eventually she got Wayne into the act, and he had to play the part of "Daddy," walking her down the aisle.

I think we'll have to pull these pictures out some time in the very far future, when she actually does get married.

Marissa played the part of maid of honor, obviously.

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  1. Amy P6:28 PM

    Too cute, how sweet and innocent they look!
    Cute haircuts too!