Monday, January 21, 2008

Adding insult to injury

Like it hasn't been cold enough of late, three things have happened that just rub it in how cold it is:

1. This weekend it got so cold that when I would open the side door to let the dog out, I had to ensure that my hands were not wet or damp (as they often are when cooking or doing dishes), as they were going to stick to the handle on the door.

2. It got so cold that our dishwasher stopped working. The waterline to it froze and wouldn't fill with water. Our air temp went below 0 at 4 pm Friday and didn't come back above zero until noon on which point it went back down under zero at 4 pm. Wayne left our cupboards open, hoping that the warmer air from the kitchen would get back to where the pipes were and de-freeze them. Something finally worked because finally Monday morning, our dishwasher finally worked. After three days of staying in the house, doing dishes after every meal, it finally works the last day of our three-day weekend.

3. The Packers lost, despite the advantage that the bitterly cold temps were giving them. Bummer, but the way they were playing they wouldn't have won against the Patriots anyway. Good luck to the Giants!

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