Friday, January 18, 2008

So long to the Patterson's!

We will be greatly missing our friends the Pattersons, who safely drove in to Buffalo, NY yesterday, after leaving Minnesota on Wednesday. Above is a photo of their daughter Jamie and Lindsey, playing dress up for the gazillionth time.

Yes, I also thought that Marissa was going to bite Molly, only to have her give her a very tender kiss. After they both looked and each other and wondered what that was all about.

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  1. Amy P.7:59 PM

    For now......
    We miss you guys, so sweet of you. We are not missing the weather though, we are enjoying the flurries and 30 something weather, nice and balmy for us! I am going to have to start a blog of my own, to keep in touch too.
    Stay warm, miss you much.