Sunday, January 13, 2008

Local Facebook Controversy

I read in the metro section of our local newspaper today about one of the suburban high schools that cracked down on underage drinking by perusing photos students had posted themselves on their own Facebook pages of them at parties, drinking with other underage friends.

The school had penalized the students by various means, i.e. suspensions, kicking them off basketball/volleyball teams, etc.

Some of the students actually had the gall to protest against the school, claiming that they had "invaded their privacy." They staged a walk out on Friday and did not attend classes. Rather ironic, considering many of them weren't supposed to attend anyway since they had been suspended.

Let me get this straight...your privacy was INVADED? By viewing photos that anyone can view which were posted on the internet? The saddest thing was how many of these students parents backed them up, opting to send nasty letters to the school or threaten to pull their child from the school district. (As if their child was a gift to that school in the first place.)

Hey, how about instead having a chat with your son/daughter about the dangers of underage drinking? How about taking away rights to the family car as punishment? You're going to stand by your child who was drinking because you don't like the means by which the school found out? Where were YOU, the parent?

Good for you, Eden Prairie High!

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