Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A New 'Do

Okay, so perhaps the short hair on my last avatar gave it away. I had decided some time ago to donate my hair to Locks of Love, or some other such charity that can use human hair to weave wigs for cancer or alopecia patients who can use it.

Well, Locks of Love required a minimum of 10 inches of hair, even for the shortest layer of hair. My shortest layer was 8 inches, and I just didn't have the patience to grow it out anymore. So I did a little searching and thanks to the publicity from Hillary Swank, came across the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program, in which the minimum length required is 8 inches.

The majority of the hair that was cut was 10 inches, with the shortest lengths being 8. It all came off in one thick ponytail, which I then packaged up and shipped off to the charity.

It felt sooo good to get it all chopped off! I was grinning like a fool while my stylist was cutting away, and I am very pleased with the outcome. I can't believe how weighed down my hair had been -- hardly any of my natural curl was showing through anymore and after she styled it, wow! What curls!

So next time you see me you may see me start to do the "hair flip," but then stop and grin ridiculously. Or you may see me put my purse on my shoulder then go to move my hair out from under the purse strap, only to smile that it isn't stuck under there anyway!

I'm especially happy to be able to see my children again when I bend down to kiss them hello, without having to put my hair in a ponytail to do so.


  1. Love it!!!!!!!

  2. Love the look and the cause. Must admit I did wonder why the hair was getting so long.

  3. As we say in the South: Look kindly scrawny.