Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wedding a Bust

My little avatar over there is all dressed up to go to a wedding that we didn't end up going to.

Wayne's niece Nicole was married today in Brookings, SD. We were planning on driving over starting out early this morning (early meaning between 8 and 9 am), get there in the afternoon in enough time to maybe take the kids for a dip in the pool (depending on how well they napped on the way over), then get ready for the 5:30 pm ceremony.

Instead, we ended up staying home, taking care of two girls with fevers. Yes, two.

It started Thursday, when I got a call around 4 pm from daycare, saying that Marissa wasn't feeling well and was running a low grade fever. They then called me less than five minutes later saying, "Her lips are blue and she appears to have trouble breathing."

My response was, "Should you be calling 911 and not me?!?"

The director said, "Well, when she's sitting upright she seems to be OK, so we're just going to keep her here in the office with us until you get here."

Of course, the way my day was going Wayne was already on the other line, wanting to talk about something else, and I had to break in and say, "We're leaving now to go get Marissa," and off we went.

I called the pediatrician on the way there, called our neighbor Amy to ask if she could watch Lindsey, then we got to KinderCare and picked them both up. By the time we arrived Marissa's fever was 101.4, up from 100.2 just half an hour earlier.

Marissa lips were no longer blue, but when we put her in the carseat I could see where they thought she was having labored breathing -- she was in so much pain she was grunting, poor thing.

We took Lindsey straight to the neighbor's, took Marissa straight to the doctor's office, and he deemed her simply sick with a virus. His explanation on the blue lips was that sometimes if children's temperatures rise very quickly, your body reacts as if you were out in cold weather, thus the chills and, in some children, blue lips. She was clearly not having a problem with oxygen deprivation when we were there, as she was crying at the top of her lungs. He did give us another round of antibiotics for her always nasty nose, which has been particularly nasty again lately.

Wayne and I did the coin toss for the day off, turns out I only have a half-day of vacation unaccounted for, so he took Friday off. Only to get a call from daycare around 11:00 that Lindsey was running a fever and we needed to pick her up.

Both girls had times when clearly their tummies were hurting them. Lindsey was able to tell us, but Marissa was clearly in pain but couldn't articulate it.

We had thought that perhaps if they were better by Saturday, if it seemed to be a 24-hour bug, that we would still go to the wedding, but the thought of 5 hours on the road with two potentially sick little girls was just too much. And it's a good thing we didn't go; they both spiked fevers again in the afternoon.

The only good thing about little ones being sick is how snuggly they are. They just want to sit and be held, and have their backs rubbed, etc. Okay, I can do that.

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  1. Aww, I'm sorry you missed the wedding and that the girls are still sick. Hope they feel better soon!