Monday, August 20, 2007

The Night Before Surgery

Today was Marissa's surgery to get her adenoids removed. And before the day even began we had an interesting time of it.

As mentioned previously, both girls were battling some sort of virus and had had fevers earlier. Both of them seemed just fine on Sunday -- they both ate normally (voraciously, actually), took good, long naps and seemed to be just fine.

Then about 9 pm, Lindsey said her tummy were hurting. Within 10 minutes it was hurting so badly she was crying and clutching her stomach. She got such a hot fever she actually broke out in a sweat (our little girl who never sweats, that we've seen).

Clearly we couldn't send her to daycare the next day, yet Wayne and I had both wanted to take Marissa to the hospital for her surgery. With no immediate family in town, and all our friends with kids who clearly do not want to be infected, we didn't have many options. Thankfully, I called Elizabeth at 10:45 pm, left her a message on her cell, and got a call back from our nephew Travis about 15 minutes later. He said he wasn't sure if Elizabeth would be able to get off work to come, but he was able to be there if she couldn't. God bless them both!

I ended up lying in bed with Lindsey all night, holding her tummy firmly and pushing down all the burbles and bubbles that I could feel. She said it felt better when I put pressure on the bubbles, and that was the only way she was able to fall asleep. So I laid beside her, applying pressure to her tummy, unable to sleep myself for this task.

I must've fallen asleep eventually, then woke around 4 am to some major jumps and jiggles in her tummy. I decided that my actions must've been keeping her tummy settled enough that she never did throw up, something that probably would've helped her, so she woke up from the pain and was crying and upset. She eventually settled back down and I got back to sleep around 5 am. Only to be awoken at 7:25 am by Lindsey, who was now awake and apparently feeling better.

Travis and Elizabeth both came over around 8 am. (As luck would have it, they could both come.) Wayne had thought we needed to be at the hospital around 8 am, but I had called on Sunday evening because my paperwork had said it was a 10:45 am surgery and that we needed to be there at 9:15 -- the hospital confirmed that our surgery was at 10:45, we were good to go. Then, at 8:30 am, we got a call from the hospital, wondering where we were. Apparently the surgery had been moved up in the schedule, thus the reason for the call confirming our time. Why it wasn't changed in the system when I called back to confirm I'll never know, but we were in a sudden rush to leave the house with Marissa.

Thankfully by then Lindsey was feeling better and was all set up with her pillow and a blanket in the basement, watching Cars with Elizabeth and Travis.

The surgery itself deserves its own post.

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