Thursday, August 30, 2007

The State Fair!

We made our annual trip to the state fair today. I remember that the second post I ever made on this blog was for our state fair trip last year, so it's officially been a year since I've started this blog.

We didn't get rolling out of the house until almost 11:00, though we'd been up since 7:00 (typical, if we don't HAVE to be somewhere). So by the time we got there it was lunchtime and tummies were rumbling -- what a great place to be to be hungry!

We immediately made some food stops -- a barbecue pork sandwich that Wayne shared with Marissa, some deep fried cheese curds, cotton candy, Sweet Martha's cookies, the list of awful, fatty, sugary foods goes on and on.

Once we were sufficiently stuffed, we had to check out the animal barns. We saw the biggest boar big in Minnesota, "Pretty Rick" weighing in at 1,200 lbs. We also saw a sow with a litter of new piglets, 10 of them. Then off to the cattle barn to visit the cows. Marissa and Lindsey got to pet a gentle but large cow (larger than others in her breed). They also got to pet a sheep and a goat.

Then, off to the kiddie arcade for some rides! Marissa did not go on a single ride -- I don't know if she'll ever warm up to rides or not, but she definitely did not want to go on them, though she thoroughly enjoyed watching them.

For a while Wayne took Marissa to go see the tractors on machinery hill (just across from the kiddie rides), while I took Lindsey around to ride after ride. She went through about $30 worth of ride tickets; I'm not quite sure how many rides that is, as some rides called for 5 tickets, others for 4.

On our way out we had some more goodies -- pretzels, a sno cone, and a meltdown by Marissa. Wayne ended up carrying her out and she was asleep on his shoulder.

We got home and everyone took a VERY loooong nap. Marissa slept for a little over 2 hours, we finally woke Lindsey at the 3 hour mark, and I couldn't believe it when I opened my eyes and read 5:45 on the clock! (I still woke before both girls, too).

I may have some more thoughts on this later, but I can't tell you how much I enjoy the State Fair, and how much I enjoy watching the girls enjoy it.


  1. Try as you might, you'll never top Iowas State Fair foods on a stick.
    Never, I say!

  2. I'm not sure about that -- do you have "hotdish on a stick?"

  3. Well now, that depends on what your definition of hotdish is. What do you Minnesota folk qualify it as?

  4. How about tater-tot hotdish on a stick? Comes with cream of mushroom dipping sauce.

    Check it out at

    I personally haven't tried it -- ugh!