Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Coffee Cup

I have a coffee cup here at work that I got at Christmas from my sister Kristi and her husband.

It's from a restaurant called "Schloegel's" that we've always stopped at on our way up to the Upper Peninsula when we're vacationing. Our family has many memories of stopping there over the years, having various breakfasts and/or lunches on our way up to family fun.

My coffee cup made its way into the kitchen and has been MIA for the last week or so. This morning I peeked into the cupboard only to find it again.

I can only imagine that some other person was using it for a week or so and decided two things about it:

1. What the #*%! is Schloegel's and why is it printed on this cup?

2. This only holds half the amount of coffee that I'm used to so I have to fill up more often. I think I'll pick a different cup.

Thus I've got my cup back again.

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