Monday, August 13, 2007

Our Little Swedish Girl

Marissa has been steadily adding words to her vocabulary with regularity. She can repeat most one or two syllable words that we say, though she won't always remember what to associate them with. But she does know the word "yellow," understands that it's a color, and lately has taken to saying her own name, which comes out "Sassa." I love it.

But this weekend a new word entered her world, the opposite of which she's been saying for some time. She's been saying "no" for a while, but of course it comes out "D'oh," as in Homer Simpson "D'oh." Sometimes it's a quick, quiet, "Doh" and other times it's a yelled, drawn out "Doooohhhhh!" But it means "no" in Marissa's world.

This weekend she began saying the opposite of "no" -- "yes." But in typical Marissa fashion, it isn't quite "yes," it's "Ya." As in the German "Ja."

"Marissa, do you want some pasta?"

"Ja! Sassa pasta! Ja!"

"Marissa, want to take Dax for a walk?"

"Ja! Mommy walk. Daddy walk. Dax walk. Dinzee walk. Sassa walk. Ja ja ja!" (All this said while walking around looking for her sandals, followed by hopping and jumping upon finding them, thus the "ja ja ja.")

She is getting to be quite the talker, if you watch the Simpson's and understand Swedish or German.

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  1. As long as she doesn't sound like the Swedish Chef!!