Monday, August 13, 2007

A Milestone!

I wrote a while ago about how Marissa went peepee on the potty. We reached another milestone tonight in that she went poopy on the potty!

Be forewarned: For non-parents and those not accustomed to the direct discussion of bodily functions that come with being a parent, just skip over this post and know that a milestone was reached. Yeay Marissa!

Tonight we were downstairs finishing up dinner and she and Lindsey were already out and about playing. Suddenly Marissa stopped what she was doing and said "Poop!" Lindsey was headed upstairs anyway to use the potty, so Marissa trekked up with her.

After about a minute, I heard Lindsey say, "Mommy, Marissa has a poopy in her diaper." I run upstairs and sure enough, Marissa had disrobed and ripped off her diaper, but clearly hadn't finished the job in her diaper. I said, "Marissa, do you need to go poopy on the potty?" to which she replied "Ya!" So I quickly popped her on and she went poopy on the potty!

This was followed by a great deal of clapping and cheering. Lindsey decided that Marissa needed a sticker, so she pulled out her secret stash and gave one to Marissa, who promptly put it on some furniture in celebration.

I think it's time to break out the pull-ups.

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  1. Oh man, that is so awesome. I've been reading up on the whole potty training thing, and it seems that the consensus is that with boys, its a good idea to wait until they're about 3.

    I guess us guys really are as dumb as you ladies tell us ;)