Monday, June 25, 2007

Candied ants for you!

Marissa has a habit of taking the food on her plate and throwing it on the floor. We've been struggling to get her to understand that when she's done eating she should just say "all done" (which she is now capable of saying) and get down, instead of disposing of what she didn't want to eat.

Tonight we were eating dinner out on our patio table. Marissa was done, of course, and was off and about playing. She loves to torture the black ants on the patio, and successfully smashed two of them with her bare hands then practiced picking them up between her fingers.

Both times, she lovingly brought me the smashed ant and tried to put it on my plate. She was quite emphatic even, that the ants belonged on my plate.

I'm trying to follow the logic here: In Marissa's mind, food belongs on the floor, and ants belong on your plate.

Chocolate covered ants, anyone? Anyone?

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