Monday, June 04, 2007

Fatherhood Revisited

Wayne got a little taste of what Steve Martin's character must've felt when his daughter sat across the dining room table from him and announced, "I'm getting married!" In real life there is a full grown woman sitting there, but in Steve Martin's eyes it's a little girl with pigtails and a sing-song voice breaking the news.

I have some peonies that grow by the side of our house that I cut for the first time this year. I asked Lindsey if I could take a photo of her holding the flowers before I put them in some water. She said, "Yes Mommy, but I have to put my white dress on!" Okay, I thought, I'll entertain this.

We traipsed upstairs and she donned her white dress, promptly came downstairs and went outside for her photo shoot. This is the only photo I took; I knew I didn't need another "just in case" as I usually do. She then ran into the house, ran up to Wayne and said, "Daddy! Daddy! Look! I'm getting married!"

He promptly replied with a really big hug.

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  1. Very sweet! Scary thing is - she will be married before we know it. I was talking to Mom yesterday about Ned's niece, who just graduated from H.S. Last Mom saw her, she was six and clinging to her mom at our wedding celebration in Falls. Which was just a few years ago, right?