Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Here's a sight we don't see much anymore -- the sunset.

I love city life, I truly do. I love walking to all the stores, to all the fabulous restaurants, walking to the lake, to the little wading pool for the girls. But I have to say that I do miss the sunsets.

The sun sets in the city when it hits the roofs of the houses closest to us. The shadows grow so long that it is prematurely dark in the city, when in actuality the sun is still above the horizon.

Last weekend, driving to Tracy on a Friday evening, we saw the sunset the way it was meant to be -- against the true horizon of the earth. Every couple of minutes Lindsey would point out the new colors that had shown up in the sky as the sun sank down. "Ooh, look Mommy, purple!" "Look, now there's orange!" "Marissa, Marissa, look, it's pink. Oooo, my favorite."

Then even after the sun had gone down, a rosy orange fire was left in the sky, marking its path. For us in the city, it would've been complete dark.

It's times like these that I do miss the connection to the earth that you lose by being in the city.
(But not enough to move, so don't get yours hopes up, fam!)

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