Monday, June 25, 2007

Mystery Shit

Tonight we came home from work and Wayne noticed a nasty smell like old urine in Marissa's room. We had just emptied out all the diaper pails since garbage day had been today, and he re-emptied the trash again, assuming that some nasty wipe was in the trash from yesterday.

But still the stench prevailed, and even grew. By bedtime we could barely stand to be in her room, much less put Marissa to bed in there! I smelled her sheets -- nothing. Smelled the diaper pail -- nothing.

Then...Wayne opened the lid on the potty chair in her room.


Something that looked like it had been stewing for quite some time. Ugh.

We immediately went to Lindsey to ask if she had taken a poop on Marissa's potty chair. She said, "A long time ago, Jamie used the potty chair and went poopy." Now, this is indeed true, but it also happened a LONG time ago, so long ago that it wasn't plausible that this was a day old poop.

As I was cleaning it up, I noticed that it was about the size of Marissa's poop. Is it possible that our toddler went poopy on the potty for the first time...and no one knew? Not only did no one knew, but she would be in trouble for not telling us she did?


My hands are now thoroughly disinfected after cleaning up THAT mess.

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