Monday, October 04, 2010

Dueling Bakers

A few weekends ago I was in the middle of making a batch of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies when I discovered that someone had been helping themselves to my chocolate chips, leaving me with a mostly empty bag in my pantry.

Since I was in the middle of the batch and had no intention of making cookies without chocolate in them, I began calling around to my neighbors to see if anyone had a bag I could use.

My first call was my next-door neighbor, even though I suspect she wouldn't have any on hand. She is all of 100 lbs even though she's 5 ft 7, she can't possibly always stock her pantry with chocolate like I do. I ended up leaving her a message and eventually secured a bag from a different neighbor.

"Why'd you call her?" my husband asked. "She doesn't bake." Well, we can always hope...

A few hours later I saw her in the backyard, and she informed me that she didn't have any to spare, at which point I shared with her my husband's sentiments that she probably wouldn't. "Hey now!" she said, "I do TOO bake!"

A week later she proved it.

She left on our doorstep the following package.

Note the use of pre-made, pre-cut sugar cookies. Awesome.

Much to my husband's surprise, a stash of obviously homemade cookies (two kinds, mind you!) were under the pre-made ones, and they were delicious.

This is Lindsey's hand, pretending to grab a handful of cookies.
 So we've been proven wrong. I think next we'll accuse her of never cooking and see if we can get a dinner out of the deal.

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  1. mmm...cookies! I have quite a few skinny friends who love to bake and give their yummy concoctions to everyone else and watch other people enjoy them. Evil I tell you...unless I'm in the midst of a really chewy brownie, and then I think it is pretty wonderful!