Monday, October 18, 2010

Disney Epcot

Marissa: Mommy, I am NOT going to get my picture taken with any princesses today.

Me: Gee, that's not a decision you'll regret 10 years from now.

[sniggering from other parents within earshot]

Thankfully, Marissa changed her mind in time for our lunch with the princesses at Akershus, which was the Norwegian castle in Epcot. But we did run into Jasmine along the way, where Lindsey got her photo taken solo, since Marissa refused to get her picture taken with Jasmine and Aladdin.

The characters do a fantastic job with kids. Their voices sound so much like the voices from the movies. Perhaps it's just the intonation, or the words they choose to use. But our girls were enchanted and by the far best part of the day today was this lunch.

The girls were thrilled to meet Ariel.
Marissa informed Snow White that she dressed up as her last Halloween.
 This was not the same experience as when Wayne and I last visited, before-kids. We only went on two rides the entire day, but I spent a lot of time seeing the same bathroom, over and over.

"I do NOT have to go!"

[Ten minutes after returned from the bathroom with one girl.]

"Mommy Mommy, I have to go so bad so bad so bad!"

Wayne was smirking at me that we had two girls and no boys. He got to hang out and rest while I traipsed back and forth. Hmmm...not sure how fair that is.

I'm trying to convince Wayne to return this evening for the laser show and fireworks, but he claims his feet are tired and he needs a beer. So I'll see if I can convince one girl to go with me, the one who doesn't clap her hands over her ears at fireworks. I'll report back and let you know!


  1. Yeah! Thanks for sharing! Looks like fun. Glad Marissa warmed up to the princesses.

  2. Tell your husband there is beer at Epcot! Lots of Beer!!!