Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun

Our weekend was filled with Halloween fun, starting with a party Saturday afternoon, followed by another Saturday evening. And then of course, there was Halloween evening itself, trick-or-treating with friends.

This was the first year that Lindsey wanted to be something other than a princess of some sort. She chose to be a witch and on an impulse I had bought green make up, in case she wanted to be greenified. She did, and I happily obliged. It turned out awesome; incredibly green, very thick and definitely smudge-proof. She let me get it all around her eyelids, up onto her ears, all down her neck. We had lots of fun doing it and she looked great, though I had not thought through that we'd need to get it all off in all the places that I'd put it, so it took a while for her to bathe tonight.

Marissa was a pirate, this time by choice, unlike the costume we bought for her when she was two. She remembered the pictures of her as a pirate girl and Wayne dressed as a pirate as well, so he also pulled out the pirate costume so they could match.

Saturday afternoon we went to our friends house where kids and adults were invited to dress up. Lindsey and I were matching witches, Marissa and Wayne were matching pirates. The kids tried bobbing for apples for the first time in their lives and got to watch the Michael Jackson Thriller video.

Lindsey and I went to her friend's party later on that evening, where the 3rd floor had been turned into a haunted house. Lindsey didn't brave it but I heard reports from other kids that it was fantastic. At this party she mastered apple bobbing and managed to secure two of them.

Then, of course, Halloween day itself was far too long. The time went by too slowly; evening couldn't come soon enough. And finally it was time to begin putting on costumes, putting on make up and taking pictures.

Marissa and her friend Sophia literally ran from house to house, while Lindsey and her friend Ellie took their time, knowing that the houses weren't going anywhere and they would still be there to give out candy. The weather was perfect -- no one wore a coat, though Lindsey did opt to go back to get mittens at one point. Neighbors were out in full force with several firepits going, people dressed up to hand out candy and jack-o-lanterns lighting the way.

Lindsey and her friend opted to do one more block, and for the first time since we moved into this neighborhood we went one street over to hit another block. It made me realize how incredible our street is. In comparison, several houses were dark on the next house, and none of the candy-handers were dressed up.

I will soak up as many of these Halloweens as I can. If childhood is fleeting, Halloweens are even moreso.


  1. Jenny, thanks for linking up! I absolutely LOVE the green makeup. Definitely worth the extra effort.

  2. Thanks, the green make up was definitely a huge hit. Got lots of comments on it.

  3. You all look great! The green makeup was a fab touch, and those pumpkins your neighbors carved are AMAZING!