Monday, August 02, 2010

Marissa's Birthday Week

I know, Marissa has been five for almost a week now, and I haven't yet blogged about it. Let's just say that her birthday wasn't just a single day, it was practically a week-long celebration of five-ness.

It started with her birthday party on Saturday the 24th, which was at Pump It Up, an inflatable playplace. She has wanted her birthday party at Pump It Up since she was 2 and Lindsey turned 5 and had HER 5th birthday party there. Every year, when she turned 3, 4 and now 5 Marissa's been asking to her have party there. Finally -- she is 5 and the answer this year is YES.

The party was made all the more special by the fact that my dad was at our house again on his way back to Arkansas after a week in Upper Michigan, so he got to attend the party. It was the first birthday party he's attended for either of my girls, and he enjoyed watching all of the shenanigans. I'm not sure why, but watching children play energetically seems to sap the energy from adults, even if they aren't out there using energy themselves. It's a strange phenomenon which requires more a later post.

Then on Marissa's actual birthday, Tuesday, she was awoken by her mommy who sang her happy birthday very quietly in her ear, and was given a special happy birthday hug from her daddy. She got to bring cupcakes to school for snack that day, and that evening she opened up all the gifts from her family (ourselves and grandparents). Then we all went out to a hibachi restaurant for dinner. I know, my kids have expensive taste. I don't care.

Then this past weekend we gave her one final gift -- a handmade "magic doorway" that a friend of mine made. She had dropped it off in time for Marissa's birthday, but I had to hide it in the front closet quickly while she was dropping it off, because Marissa was on her way to the front door to see who was at the door. Needless to say, I forgot that the present was in the front closet and forgot to wrap it for Tuesday gift opening! So it became an extra special birthday gift as she got to open it that past weekend and Wayne promptly put it up. I'll post a photo of what a "magic doorway" is as soon as I take a picture of it.

To round out her birthday week, Marissa went to the doctor this morning for her 5-year check-up, which included two vaccinations. Lucky girl! She did so well, she didn't even cry when she got the shots! Her birthday week ended on a bit lower note than it started; at least she got to go out to breakfast with mommy before the doctor's appointment.

A month from yesterday Marissa will be starting kindergarten. How did this summer go by so quickly? How did the past five years fly?

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  1. I believe every birthday should be celebrated for a week...or maybe a month. If Japanese steakhouse is at 5, where will she go at 16? I think Tavern on the Green in Central Park sounds about right.