Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Day Between First Days

Lindsey's first day of second grade was yesterday.

Marissa's first day of kindergarten is tomorrow.

Here are the "first day" photos from yesterday -- it was actually Lindsey's first day, but Marissa's second to last day of KinderCare.

The photos were taken in the evening, as Lindsey was a bit too scared and tearful in the morning for photos. She was very nervous about her first day, and informed me that NEXT year she should only have one first day at a time -- a first day at school and a first day back to Minneapolis Kids. Doing both of those on the same day is apparently very difficult. Unfortunately we will always be on vacation the week before school starts, as their summer program is closed that week, which only makes it harder because she's also very sad that vacation is over. What can I say, the girl takes after her mother. We will probably try to work it out so that on her first day of school we can take her directly to school when the day begins, then have her start the before and after school program the following day. She was much better by day two and back to her usual excitement at being at school with all her friends, and was liking her new teacher very much.

Marissa informed me tonight that I should NOT make her lunch tonight, she wants to help make it tomorrow morning. And she is very VERY excited to be in Mrs. Carlson's class (her teacher is actually Derek Carlson, a man. I am sure this is not the first time he will be called "Mrs," though).

More first day photos to come tomorrow!

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