Saturday, August 21, 2010

Santa Finally Granted Lindsey's Wish

Around Christmas Lindsey kept asking for a swing in the backyard, along with a host of other things. Swings are hard to come by in December and we really couldn't see ourselves setting one up with a couple of feet of snow on the ground. Wayne and I were both thinking of a swing in a traditional sense -- two pieces of rope, a rectangular seat, and a back and forth motion.

Then a few weekends ago the girls spent a night at a friends house, and got to see a disc swing. Theirs was strung from a sturdy branch of an incredibly large tree -- you could get a running start and swing back and forth, round and round, in any direction you wanted. If you could convince an adult to give you an underdog, you could fly through the air! They fell in love with this swing and wanted to play on it all the time.

We couldn't find one in stores but Wayne found one on the internet, so he bought one and last weekend he put it up. This has become the highlight of our girls' time at our house. They cannot wait to get outside, get pushed around or push each other on it. Definitely a hit!

The only drawback is that our tree isn't quite as huge as our friend's, so usually someone has to stand by the tree and push the rider away from the tree if she gets too close. But that's become a game too, and so far only Marissa has scraped a little bit of her leg on the bark.

We've always held off on getting a playset or playhouse for the backyard because of the space. It's a postage-stamp sized lot; there's not a lot of room to have a playset without it taking over the whole yard. I'm glad we finally found an outdoor activity that they can do that takes up so little space and was easy to install (if you don't mind 12-foot ladders).

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