Monday, February 11, 2008

Request for housekeeping advice

Marissa had an accident at Kindercare today, the kind that hurts her pride and not her physical being.

She's been doing so well on the potty that they forgot to put a pull-up on her at naptime today. She awoke from her nap with a poop in her pants.

Except this time her "pants" were underwear.

So they did like any good caretaker would do, they changed her poopy clothes, put her in other clothes and sent her dirty stuff home in a bag.

It wasn't until AFTER I saw the poop floating around in the washing machine that I realized that they did not actually REMOVE the poop from her underwear, they had just wrapped it up in it. I, of course, had just dumped all the clothes in the bag into the wash without even looking.'s my request for advice:

We no longer keep bleach in the house as it is not environmentally friendly. I've been using vinegar in my laundry along with a laundry detergent when I wash clothes. So...what do you recommend I use in the laundry tub to make sure it is fully sanitized before my next load of laundry??

Or should I go knock on a neighbor's house and ask for a cup of bleach?



  1. Knock on that door, bleach it away baby, the environment can be saved later.
    The joys of potty training, will we miss these days???
    Took out the potty for Mo, she does ask to use it sometimes, and she looked like she was pooping, so we ran her over to the potty, but instead of potty, got the LR rug, and BR floor, and our socks....good times!!!!

  2. Bleach is best, but should be okay with soap and hot water.

  3. Anonymous12:24 PM

    I do admire your concern for the environment, but would bleach. It's not as if you use it all the time. Tea tree oil is an excellent disinfectant, but the oil is then hard to get out of the machine. A health food store may have a cleaning product that contains tea tree oil, if it's worth the search. At least you didn't have what ONE of my children did --smear it all over the wall -- at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
    (I personally would also be asking the day care people why the hell they couldn't have walked as far as a toilet and at least dumped out the turd -- but that's just me!) It made for an entertaining read, tho. You have the start of a book in this blog -- the joys of parenting! So says your Mom.