Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Marissa Moment

Tonight I was reading Marissa "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" while sitting on the couch. We got to the page where the hungry caterpillar eats all the junk food, including an ice cream cone. Marissa climbs down off the couch and goes over to the big bin of playfood, searches through and finds the play ice cream cone.

She comes back over and holds it up to the page -- it is almost the same exact size as the ice cream cone on the page. So we pretend to eat the ice cream cone, we pretend to lick the lollipop, etc.

Pretty soon she pops the ice cream off of the cone part (they come apart and go back together), and I put the cone part upside on Dax's head as he lies next to me, perfectly still. Of course it stays there, and Marissa starts to sing:

"Happy Birf-fy to you...happy birf-fy to you...happy birf-fy to Dax, happy birray to you!"

And she leans forward and "blows" on his ice cream cone hat, which also bears an uncanny resemblance to a candle.

It was awesome.

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