Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fun with Vocabulary

This past weekend I couldn't believe how much Marissa's vocabulary has improved. Not just sentences, but full sentences, 5 and 6 words each. She can very clearly articulate what she wants and is learning new words every day.

She still has a few idiosyncrasies, though, that I just love. She still drops the "s" when it is paired with another consonant at the beginning of words. So she says "tool" for stool, "tink" for stink and so on. The other one that she does is she substitute "p" for "c" at the beginning of words. I found this one unusual and it took me some time to find the pattern of the substitutions. But now it's clear as day.

"Mommy, help me put the pap on." (Holds out a bottle of milk and cap.)

"Pomming, Dinzee!" ("Coming, Lindsey!")

The best one came last night when I was making wild rice soup for a potluck at Wayne's work. She wanted to see what was on the stove in the big pot, so she held up her arms to be picked up and says,

"I see poop?"

Happily, the soup did not taste like poop.

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