Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First Dental Appointment for Lindsey

I finally got Lindsey in to the dentist -- about a year after she should've had her first visit. Hey, nothing like starting to postpone those dentist appointments early in life, right??

It was an 8:30 appt and she, Marissa and I hit Bruegger's Bagels first for a special treat, then ate our bagels on the way. (Also a good idea, eat lots of chewy bread before going to your dentist -- dental hygienists LOVE that!)

To sum up the visit, Lindsey was a DREAM. She sat very still in the chair, she did exactly as they asked her to do, she was incredible. She was a little scared at first but when she realized that I wasn't going anywhere, she sat very still and just held my hand. Marissa was having fun looking into Lindsey's mouth with the big light on it, and the hygienist let her play with the suction tool -- she thought that was lots of fun!

The best news of cavities.

I was so proud of her!

Yeayyyy Lindsey!

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