Thursday, October 18, 2007

Woman's Human Nature

Here's a question for you that many of my female friends will relate to:

Why is it that when women go to the bathroom, we don't want to sit on a toilet that was just occupied?

When I use the bathroom at work, if I see a co-worker leaving the bathroom and I happen to pick the stall that she just vacated (which you can tell by the still swishing water), I'll make a point of going to a different stall. Why is that? What's the difference if someone's butt was on the toilet two seconds ago or two hours ago? Do we think that the germs die in the two hours between when someone last used it and we sit on it?

I got into a discussion with some women at work about our work bathroom habits which was rather amusing (at least to us it was). It came to light that some of us go to a different floor if we have to "make stinkies," while others wait until they get home and try not to go at all while at work.

In the meantime, a couple of guys in our office can be seen on their way to the bathroom, sports section in hand, ready for a nice long sit.

The difference between men and women when it comes to bathroom habits is rather amusing.


  1. Grandma Loud2:29 PM

    Well, this was certainly worth waiting however long it takes our dial-up to bring up this site.

  2. Too funny, Mom! Don't be hatin' just 'cause the rest of the world has broadband!

  3. Why do women have such fastidious bathroom etiquette? Shoot, men just let it all hang out in front of each other!

  4. Your mother (gandma loud) and I used to spend hours in the student union at Albion drinking coffee and watching people. We noticed after some time that when a person got a cup of coffee at the counter and walked back to their table the manner in which they carried the cup seemed to be gender specific. Women carried coffee at chest height, men carried their cup down at waist level. We shared our research with others and seem to have confirmation. So I guess women are really from Venus and men from Mars. Isn't it interesting that the blog that precipitated most comment concerned body functions. Hmmm!