Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ready for Colder Weather

While I don't love winter and I truly love the warm weather here in Minnesota, there is something about the first chill in the air in autumn that is refreshing.

Our trees have been turned for some time now; some leaves are on the ground, some are still in their brilliance on the trees. This past week I wore my first sweater to work. There is something so comforting about opening up your sweater drawer from last year and finding it full of old friends. (Some older than others!)

Our diet expands in the fall, moreso it seems than in the summer, when we can start making all those lovely comfort foods that heat up the kitchen, the ones we didn't make all summer because it was so hot.

On Sunday I made stuffed pork chops for dinner and tonight we had beef roast that cooked in the crock pot all day while we were at work. It was wonderful walking into the house tonight after work and smelling the warmed spices in the kitchen. Aahhh!

And it's also not so cold out yet that we're cooped up -- we'll be spending time this weekend at a Halloween Parade at the "Halloween Capital" of Minnesota, Anoka. I plan on having my hands around a cup of HOT coffee.

Yes, I have to admit, I do enjoy autumn.

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  1. Fall has always been a very special time to me also. I remember once when I was either in Kindergarten or First Grade the teachers took us on a walk from Lincoln School up to the West End and near the hills surrounding our part of town. The leaves were brilliant and many had fallen to the sidewalk and ground. You could scuffle your feet through them. I remember we had to hold hands when we crossed a street.

    I had an overwhelming desire to NOT be in school and to be up in the woods walking, playing and rolling in the fallen leaves. I have had that overwhelming desire every year since and that is now some 60 years passed.

    The true magic is up north. The cool, crisp autumn exists in that special place and it this time of year I feel homesick. I may live in Arkansas but my heart is up north. I hope you treasure the experience and enjoy the time, it is rather fleeting. The nice thing is that it will come again next year and be just as special.

    Say Boo! to the kids for me.