Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Marissa and her Baby Doll

I finally figured out how to upload video from our camcorder onto our computer! Unfortunately we only have a 32MB memory stick (top of the line 4 years ago when we bought the camcorder!) which can only record 60 seconds of video in the roughest possible format. So here's a little ditty from Marissa and Lindsey tonight, sorry that the video is so choppy but hopefully you'll get the idea.

I think we need to invest in a 256MB memory for our camcorder now. Or are they even bigger than THAT now?!


  1. Oh, this is hilarious! I love that "Oh, [thunk]"!

  2. I laugh every time I play this!

  3. BTW, my favorite part about this entire exchange is that both baby dolls are EXACTLY THE SAME. Both of them even have their clothes off so you can't tell one from the other. Somehow those two can tell, though, and it was important that they both have their own.