Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Martha Stewart I'm Not...

...But I did hear a great laundry tip the other day that I have to share.

One of my co-workers was trying to figure out how to salvage her husband's jeans that had been soaked through with gasoline (by accident, of course, he was not re-creating the gasoline fight scene from Zoolander). She read online to try using a cup of white vinegar in the wash, after airing out the jeans as much as possible.

Not only did it save the jeans, but she also began putting it in every load of laundry with her regular detergent.


So I tried it tonight and maybe it's just a placebo effect, but I have to say that my laundry appears whiter. The pee stains on Marissa's mattress pad are no longer visible and the acidic vomit smell is almost out of her pillow. Now I can't wait for Dax to poop on something so I can try it out on that, too!


  1. I just learned that from Grandma a couple summers ago! It softens the water, so the detergent works better. (Or something like that.) I noticed a big difference in our towels - much softer!

  2. "Now I can't wait for Dax to poop on something so I can try it out on that, too!"

    You are a sick, demented woman ;)

  3. This site has some other tips and uses for the big V.

    I always keep a jug handy. That stuff is like the duct tape of liquids.