Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sickeningly Sweet

Today there is finally an autumn chill in the air, after a hot and humid weekend. So this evening after everyone was home from work/daycare and fed, we decided to start a fire in our fireplace.

We had recycled most of the papers yesterday so all we were left with were the comics that Lindsey had set aside (and had read and reread several times). So I balled up the comics and we started the fire with them. I hadn't known that Lindsey was going to be so traumatized by watching the comics go up in flames. After the fire was established and roaring, she came over to me trying to hold back her tears. It took me a while to figure out what she was upset about.

So I sat in the wingback chair next to the fire, holding and rocking Lindsey as she mourned the loss of her comics. Marissa saw us and immediately grabbed her blankie and ran up to Wayne. "Up! Up! Snuggle!" she said. So he promptly sat down as well, cuddling Marissa who needed some one-on-one time too.

As we sat holding our two adorable girls, you will not believe this, I know, but the song "Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong came on the radio.

It was silent for a while as I took in the moment, finally broken by Marissa looking around and all of us and saying, "This our home."

Now I know you all know how sappy I am, but I have to say I couldn't help but tear up at this moment. It was pretty damn sweet.


  1. Ohhhh!!! "This our home"? Wow! The concept of home (safe, love, acceptance, family) ingrained at an early age. Very sweet. And not sappy at all!

  2. Two little ones peering at the fire. It makes for such a nice scene, the older home you live in, a fire in the fireplace, we hope, and enjoying being together. We used to do that. I remember many times we built a fire in our fireplace, sat and watched the flames and you tried to get a picture of Captain eating his cupcake. They are all good times and to be treasured.