Monday, May 23, 2011

A Twist on Tickets

At my birthday party a couple of weeks ago, we had drink tickets for our guests. And, in my typical fashion, I don't do things typically. So I created tickets that asked for people to write a birthday wish.

When I handed them to people when they first walked in the door, you would think I had given them homework.

They pondered. They tapped their pens on their drink tickets. They wrote, re-wrote, and thought some more.

I received wonderful wishes like these:

My wish for you is...
To look forward to the constant adventure of life.
Feeling as euphoric every day as you do today!
A life full of happiness.

Okay, so this one is more of a prophecy. I hope it comes true.

I had extra drink tickets at the end of the night, so I passed more out to those who had been there for some time.

And well, this time the results were a little different.

My wish for you is...

That you have the same awesome party next year!
Great sex for the rest of your life.
That you actually remember this party five years from now.

And there's this gem:

It's true: put a bunch of 40-year-olds in a room with enough to drink, and we become high schoolers.



  1. Love this idea!!!!
    My ticket for you would be.........stay exactly who you of those "real" people....genuine and true to yourself. You are one of the best moms/wives/and friends I know, and those you surround are blessed. So glad you came into my life on Ewing Ave. Miss you. Much Love.

  2. Thanks, Amy, that's so sweet of you! We're so glad your family moved here. I love how fate brings certain people into our lives.