Thursday, May 19, 2011

Celebrating a Milestone

I love my birthday. Have I said this before?

Well, this year is a super special one for me, because my age ends with a "zero" again.

How does one usher in the fourth decade of their life?

With a party, of course.

Does this look like the over 40 crowd?

I didn't think so, either.

Afterwards we go home and sleep...until we are awoken at 7:00 in the morning by the sound of the tree service truck. 

We cook ourselves a good, hearty breakfast.  

We take the kids to the neighborhood festival to spend time with friends.

Where they decide that climbing trees sounds like a lot of fun. 
 (It was.)

We return home in time to buy ice cream from the ice cream truck.

The family takes an afternoon nap...

...and then a game of Monopoly ensues.

What a wonderful way to celebrate. I am so blessed.

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