Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Can't Read It. But I Can't Look Away

I get so angry. Sad. Frustrated.

I want to pick her up lifeless body and hug her, let her know that someone somewhere cared for her, would have loved her, would have treated her differently.

I read about children who were abused, chained to beds or beaten with sticks and I want to put my arms around them all. All ages, all colors, all backgrounds.

I do not understand how people can be cruel to a child. I look in my children's innocent, trusting eyes and I cannot imagine someone choosing to break that trust, to destroy that innocence.

My use of social media makes it difficult for me to avoid these stories. They pop up in my newsfeed, they land on my homepage of my personal email, they are hard to ignore.

I feel so helpless.

So I will channel that helplessness into extra hugs, extra kisses, extra time spent with my kids. If I cannot save them all, at least I can let two little girls know how much they are loved.


  1. There's a worthless excuse for a father on trial here for abusing his son when he was only a few months old and then some. The kid is now basically a vegetable. Sickening stuff.

  2. Grandma Bonnie6:24 PM

    Please give those grandkids an extra hug for us. The only thing I can hope is that each time we are a little more patient or do a kind act to the people we run into in our lives, maybe that person is one who'll pass it on and make the world a better place. One of those people may be kinder to their kids when they see them.