Saturday, March 19, 2011

Love is in the Air

It is beginning to feel like spring around Minnesota. Birds and other urban wildlife are making preparations to start their little families, and all too soon little ducklings and goslings will be seen around the lakes. The next generation of little rabbits will be born soon and readying themselves to eat our landscaping.

And for elementary kids everywhere, the warmer weather means that love is in the air, because now the weather is warm enough to demonstrate their affections for each other.

Recently Lindsey let us know that there's a certain boy in her class that she likes. Being the supportive parents that we are, we saw this as an opportunity to talk to her about what it means to love someone or to just like them, what it means to make a, not really, we saw this as a window to give her a little ribbing.

"Maybe he's going to sing that song to you," Wayne said, and then began croning "Marry Me" by Train.

"No," she said, "he wouldn't do that."

"Maybe he'll bring you some flowers," he said.

She wrinkled her nose. "No, he wouldn't."

"Does he blow you kisses?" I ask.

"No mom!" she said, finally getting exasperated.

"Maybe he'll chase you on the playground and catch you," I said.

She nodded emphatically. "Yeah, that's what we do."

Aah, young love.
Age 4, playing "wedding" with Daddy.

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