Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Family That Bowls Together...

We were wondering what we should do this weekend as a family -- we aren't a family that sits around for fun. Lindsey came up with the idea of going bowling. We've never been bowling unless it was a part of a birthday party or other group event, so we decided to give it a try.

I don't think we've all laughed so hard in our lives. Marissa threw the ball down the lane and run away as quickly as possible, afraid of the noise of the ball hitting the pins.

Lindsey ran with her arm akimbo, the bowling ball held up in the air at an awkward angle until she finally launched it toward the pins.

I, in typical bowling fashion, used the bumpers that were meant for the kids just about as much as the girls did. Wayne, in the meantime, bowled 5 strikes in a row. By the time he finally posted a score in the sixth frame it was a 119, higher than my highest scoring game the entire evening.

Afterwards, we had dinner at the restaurant attached to the bowling alley. I had a $7.50 walleye sandwich that would go for twice that elsewhere, and it would have been worth every penny. The girls devoured their respective meals, and we managed to eek out a dessert as well.

Marissa held up her bangs which need trimming so we could see her eyes.

Even with all this fun, we managed to get home and get the girls in bed by their normal bedtime, and we were in bed shortly after. I had bypassed an outing with friends to do this family get together, and it was clearly the right choice.

As Marissa said at one point in the evening, "This is the best day EVER!"

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