Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tummy Trouble?

This day started off with a bad stomach ache, not a great way to start a day. I decided to ignore it. Mind over matter, right?

It went on all day, a dull, throbbing ache that didn't get better or worse whenever I ate. And while I managed to function, to drive one girl to and from a playdate, take a neighbor's dog for a walk and run some errands, it started to run me down.

Finally about 5 o'clock, after playing yet another round of Uno Attack with the girls, I put my head down on the dining room table to rest. I was reminded of those grade school days when we had to put our heads down on our desks for one reason or another. As an adult looking back, it seems so uncomfortable but we didn't seem to mind it at the time.

Imagine my surprise when I fell asleep in this position. I was soon awoken by a little finger prodding my shoulder.

"Mommy, what are you doing?" Marissa asked.

"Sleeping," I said. "I don't feel good."

"But Mommy, who's going to make dinner? If you don't make dinner, we won't eat and then we won't grow."

"I'm pretty sure you'd still grow even if you didn't eat dinner," I said, "But I'll make dinner."

When I got up from the table after eating, I immediately got the chills and a headache. I am now going to bed.


  1. Feel better! It must be going around because my friend emailed me that she found this sweet easy diet...the stomach flu.

    Marissa's comment made me laugh. Maybe you should read a few Dickens tales to your girls so they know kids can grow even with just bread and water for dinner sometimes :)

  2. Yeah, I had a a few days where I told Chase "I'm gonna lay down in the bedroom. If you need anything, just wake me up". Was I comfortable doing that? No. Was it necessary? Yes.

    Thats what sucks when Day Care Daddy gets sick. There aren't any back-up players. TV and a handful of snacks have to fill the void.

  3. Marissa still continues to say the funniest things! Good idea on reading Dickens to them. :-)

    Curt, I totally understand, and you were way sicker recently than I feel now! That's what neighbors are for -- it takes a village some days.

  4. Ohh... Mark had the same thing yesterday! He never threw up, but spent the day in bed resting!!!

    Hope you are better now.