Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Benefit of Old Fashioned Heat

We've had quite a winter - I feel like I've been perpetually cold for 2 months. My workplace is often cold, our house can't seem to keep up, and I don't own enough sweaters for days of the week. I torment our girls by putting my freezing hands on their faces and any other exposed skin I can find, just to hear them squeal.

Our 1928 home is struggling to keep up with the weather. Despite the maintenance we've done over the years, some windows are incredibly drafty and the walls are cold due to lack of insulation. We have pre-chilled dinner plates every night for dinner, since they come out of the cupboards freezing cold. (Even when what we really need are warmed plates.)

But there is one cold weather benefit to our older home: the radiators.

That's because we use them to warm our clothes up before dressing. This is what you'll see any morning in our house as we're all in various stages of getting ready.

Before we leave the house I put my sweatpants and socks on the radiator so they are toasty warm for me to put on as soon as I get home. Aahhh!

I think even our radiators will be put to the test soon though. The forecast calls for -14 air temperature tonight, a daytime "high" of 5 above.

Bring it on; our radiators are ready to rock.

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  1. I used to have an apartment with a radiator in the bathroom. That was so awesome.