Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Frugal Family's Winter Getaway

This past Sunday the forecast was for a high of 10 degrees. While there was no snow predicted for that day, we had certainly already gotten our share and were expecting more this past week (we got it).

My toes and nose are cold from November until April. Our shoulders instinctively hunch together when we step outside, and Lindsey's feet are peeling from being perpetually covered in socks, slippers or boots.

We are all suffering from cabin fever in a big way, despite the coldness in our bones.

Our solution?

No trips to Cancun for us, no flights to the Dominican Republic. Instead, we head to the Waterpark of America for an entire day, and that's where you could find us this past Sunday.

This is the only picture that I have of our time there. For once I put down the camera and didn't try to document our adventures but instead just enjoyed our family time. The park was warm and humid. Humid, I tell you! And while eventually I got cold from being in and out of the water in less-than-tropically warm water, the girls never stopped sliding, and playing and jumping in the water, so they remained warm.

It was just the winter break we needed. No passports needed.

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