Friday, January 28, 2011

The show at the show

Last evening our family went to see Babe at the Children's Theatre Company. Both of our girls had attended plays before with school groups, but we've never taken them to one as a family. Wayne had a friend from his running group who was in this production and he wanted to see her performance. So we bought our tickets a few weeks ago for this evening.

We arrived in plenty of time, got our tickets and found our seats. Soon enough the lights went down and the show began.

I couldn't keep my eyes on the stage.

How could I possibly take in the play when my girls were so fun to watch?

Their eyes sparkled. They gleamed with excitement and laughter. My youngest sat incredibly still, taking it all in and laughing at all the funny spots. My eldest sat on the edge of her seat, a slight smile on her face the entire time. Every once in a while she would lean over and hug her dad's arm in excitement.

Every time there was a scene change and the stage went dark Marissa asked if it was over. If people clapped at the end of a particularly funny part she asked if it was over. And finally, when it was over, she still had a look of amazement on her face as we were walking out.

I loved every minute of my show. The play was really good, too.

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