Monday, September 13, 2010

The Fastest Tooth in the West, subtitled The Inverted Vampire Look

Thursday night Lindsey informed us that one of her teeth was quite wiggly, and demonstrated how much she could move it back and forth.

Biting into an eggroll at dinner made the tooth get even looser; it was literally lying prone out of her mouth, like a plank on a pirate ship.

While reading stories at bedtime the tooth came out in her hands.

It happened so fast, as a matter of fact, that the tooth fairy wasn't ready to make a stop that night -- Lindsey had to wait until the following night when the tooth fairy took her little tiny tooth and brought her a dollar.

Perhaps it was Lindsey's new look that kept the tooth fairy away for a day. It's not every day you see only the "vampire" teeth missing from a young girl's smile; perhaps the tooth fairy was afraid that some fangs were going to grow in their place.

Or perhaps Lindsey's mommy had a mom's night out and didn't get back home until 11:00 and hadn't notified the tooth fairy that she needed to make a stop before the fairy had already passed by the neighborhood.

Whatever the reason, Lindsey was happy to get her dollar on Saturday morning!


  1. That's a great photo. She needs an aunt or uncle to teach her how to do jet streams through those teeth. She could even use green gatorade to keep with the paint theme :)

  2. Grandma Loud7:35 PM

    Lindsey, You look like an UNvampire!!!