Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Adult Supervision Recommended

Saturday morning I left the house for an hour to run a few errands. I left the girls at home with their daddy. They had already spent hours in the morning watching cartoons, so the tv was turned off and screen time (i.e. tv, computer, ipod games) were off limits.

I came home an hour later to find this:


After a fun session of moonsand sculpturing in the dining room, Marissa had moved on to painting in the kitchen. Well, at least ONE craft got done at the correct table. But the craft accidentally moved to the floor when two of the paint bottles spilled over.

I arrived home in time to find Marissa hauling the mop and bucket up from the basement to clean it up. I actually couldn't be mad at her, she knew she'd made a mess and was trying to clean it up.

And then there was this:

And where was daddy? Taking a bath, getting his pulled hamstring a much-needed soak. Though I'm not sure the timing of this soak was much-needed.

His answer? Well, they weren't doing those things when he got into the bath 20 minutes ago.

Yes honey, that's why they call it adult supervision. If you supervise the activities, you can predict what may happen next and prevent it by, say, recommending that opening all four bottles of paint at once is not a good idea.

And in case we forget, this is not the first time. Remember the infamous green paint incident? Why is it that the paint is always green?

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