Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Proper Trade

Several weekends ago, Marissa and her friend Sophie participated in Lemonade Day, in which they could have a lemonade stand in a public park without fear of being fined for not having a permit. (True, by the way.) Lindsey was so impressed with the money Marissa had made that she wanted to sell something too, to make some money so she could buy stuff that she NEEDED.

Hmmm....but what to sell?

Without asking for any help from me, she pulled out her toy cash register, set up a little table and chair on the front sidewalk, and began making signs to sell her chosen product. I knew something was up when she started asking me how to spell words.

Yes, carrots were her product of choice. Everybody loves carrots, right? Especially carrots presented in a lovely plastic glass soaking in water, fished out by little children's fingers since she couldn't find anything that she could use to pull the carrots out with.

It was a beautiful day, she had made signs to advertise her sale, but she was frustrated by the lack of traffic. Hmmm...what's wrong here?

I managed to find one can of frozen lemonade in the freezer, so we switched out products and I made a sign to go with it. Aaah, much better!

And outside of the four glasses of product which Marissa drank, they sold the entire container of lemonade. They made $4, or $2 each. She was pretty pleased with the recommendation from her mom.

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