Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lindsey has a Big Head

And by that I don't mean that she has a big ego, I mean that she made a BIG HEAD.

Lindsey has been taking a Saturday morning art class for several weeks now. She LOVES it. As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago she was invited to a friend's birthday party that was over her class time -- she chose the art class over the birthday party, that's how much she loves this class.

Apparently early on in the class one of the kids wanted to make BIG HEADS. I'm not sure where the conversation was headed when they talked about this, but the teacher, being a wonderful, fantastic, listening kind of teacher, decided that BIG HEADS it was, so he created a process by which they would make big heads, but over three weeks' worth of classes.

And by the way, BIG HEADS is spoken in the same way it is written: in a big, booming voice, as if reading something IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

It was seriously the best three weeks of the class.

Week One: they used cardboard and masking tape to create the skull of the head.

Week Two: They paper mached over the big head. They also dyed hair to go on big head later on.

Week Three: they painted big head and put hair on it.

Lindsey is so proud of this project, and especially proud of the fact that somehow her BIG HEAD ended up with a kind look to his face -- not quite a smile, but at least not a grimace.

I must say "Welcome," BIG HEAD, the newest member of our family.


  1. I respect any teacher that has the patience to do a mache project with young kids. Man that stuff is messy.

  2. This seems like a sixth grade project! That's great work. Lindsay should be really proud of herself. Hopefully not all of her projects are as large as Big Head or you'll need to get her an entire room to showcase them.