Sunday, March 07, 2010

The "F" Word has entered our home

I know, that in itself isn't a surprise to people who know us, but unfortunately it has now entered the realm of Lindsey's vocabulary.

I'm happy to say that she did not hear it repeated from either of her parents, but I'm still not happy about it.

She and I were driving to her art class last Saturday morning. It was a beautiful February day in Minnesota -- all of 35 degrees! Many drivers, myself included, had windows down to catch some fresh air.

We got held up at the light where Lake Street and Excelsior Blvd adjoin -- it's a bit confusing with two streets angling together to become one, while traffic coming from the opposite direction can either go straight on Excelsior or turn slightly right to go onto Lake Street.

As we are making our way through the intersection, I see a car in the oncoming traffic with her left blinker on, waiting patiently for all the cars to go by. While she didn't have the right of way, traffic was backed up and cars couldn't go through the intersection from my direction, so she could have made her turn in front of us. She didn't -- she sat there through the green, to yellow, to red.

I was able to make it through the intersection before the red, and the guy who was behind this woman yelled out his window, "Move the f**k out of the way!"

Unfortunately he happened to yell it as we were passing him with OUR window open, and he practically yelled it directly into our car.

I didn't say anything, and not 10 seconds later Lindsey says, "Mommy, did that guy say 'move the f**k out of my way?' What does that mean?"

I just told her it was a really REALLY naughty word and it was like saying "move the crap out of my way." She understood and I haven't heard it from her since. I hope she's forgotten it, but that would be too lucky. She has the mind of a steel trap.


  1. I dropped the F-bomb while my son was with me in the van the other day because some pantload pulled out in front of us while going 40 mph. That was after 2 other "drivers" had almost ran into us a few blocks earlier.
    And he's seen me unleash "the finger" more than once too. Not a good example for sure, but shitty drivers really piss me off.

  2. Oh, boy, do I remember trying to get that word out of our house. In fact, there was a young lady who used it so much that her own peers made a bet that she couldn't go a week without dropping the F bomb. I think you lost that bet, Jen.
    In your defense I'll have to admit that you also heard that word way too much in the home while you were growing up.