Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Tale of Two Towers

I tell people frequently how very different our two girls are. I now have some photographic proof, displayed during our block building play time this morning.

Here's a picture of Marissa with her tower. Note the use of a single pillar at the very bottom with a cantilever, which then required that each piece after be placed carefully on the cantilever, and also be placed with a counter balance on the other side to ensure that the whole thing didn't topple over. (The two red blocks are just on the ground next to the blue "pillar.") I did not help her with this, she did a pretty good job balancing everything on her own.

Then...we have Lindsey. She did not build a tower, she built a town. A very, very symmetrical town, with the same colored blocks across the bottom in symmetrical pattern. The towers are symmetrical, the arches, the colors...everything.

I think that if the two girls were partners in an architectural firm that Lindsey would ensure that the design was functional while Marissa would add the modern flair to it. A cross between Michael Graves and...Dr. Seuss, perhaps.

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