Saturday, May 03, 2008


On Thursday of this past week we went to Lindsey's kindergarten orientation. We found out about transportation, the PTA, the school nurse, social worker, etc, while Lindsey got to go to a classroom and get to know a teacher better and check out the classroom.

They started the presentation by saying "Welcome to the class of 2021!"

20...what was that?


Happy Birthday, Lindsey, our big five-year-old as of today!


  1. Sarah Ockler10:29 PM


    OMG. I think I just died a little inside.

    Although, the kids are adorable, aren't they? I wonder what they will be talking about in 2021, what they'll be wearing and listening to. On second thought... :-)

  2. That is what I thought.....2021, freaky!!!
    I am sure they will be reading all their Sarah Ockler books..with a signed copy of her first...Twenty Boy Summer!!!!
    Or, should we keep them away??

  3. Oh my gawds, I haven't even done the math as to when my son will graduate. And I don't really want to.