Sunday, May 25, 2008

Snow Blossoms

Oh how I wish wish wish I'd had my camera when we went to the park this morning.

We're experiencing a late spring in Minnesota and consequently the crab apple trees are just finishing up while the lilacs are just getting started. We've got lots of crab apple trees in our neighborhood, especially in the park where our kids play.

This morning we went down to the park and a brisk wind was blowing the blossoms from the crab apple trees at a goodly pace. The dainty little petals had all gathered around the fence for the wading pool and were thick on the ground. The girls got their little sand buckets out and filled their buckets with blossoms. We spent the next 10 minutes throwing little pink blossoms at each other, making it "snow." It was so much fun and something that you know has a very short window of opportunity. We were back down to that same park in the afternoon and the blossoms had all been blown away. I'm glad we got a chance to play with them when we did.

1 comment:

  1. Sarah Ockler12:34 AM

    Sounds like you didn't need the camera. You've captured the moment beautifully! So sweet!