Sunday, April 06, 2008

Potty Training Marissa

Marissa made some big strides this past weekend in potty training -- she finally went poopy on the potty!!

I kept telling her all week that if she went poopy on the potty she would get a special prize. So this weekend, while visiting Wayne's folks in Tracy, MN, she decided to go poopy on the potty. As she got off the potty, having successfully completed her mission she said, "I want a sucker."

Sure, absolutely...except we don't have any suckers. So a trip in to town to get a bag of suckers. Each time she (and Lindsey) went poopy on the potty they would earn a sucker.

It got to the point that if any family member used a bathroom, when they returned from the trip someone would inevitably ask, "Did you earn a sucker?"

Now, just to help her understand how to use toilet paper to wipe...

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