Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lindsey's Drawings

Lindsey was given as a gift a little notepad of "scribbles." Each page's scribbles are slightly different, and the idea is that it's the start of a creative process, by which a child can make a drawing of her own imagination. Some of the examples showed a scribble of a squiggly line, which then became the forehead and upper jaw of a dinosaur, etc.

Then...there's our mathematically astute child.

Lindsey methodically went through the entire pad in one day, drew on each piece of paper and tore it off. She simply connected the line to itself in the most straightforward fashion.

I thought, "My child has no imagination, we need to get her out of that math class and put her in an art class!"

I took photos of a couple of her creations. The first one she told me about was this one:

"What is it?" I asked her.

"A banana!" she says, like I'm crazy for not knowing that.

But then she goes on to tell me a story about how this particular banana was eaten by a monkey who was flying on a flying trapeze, and he almost fell down because his hands were slippery from the banana, and then...etc etc. When Lindsey starts telling stories, she doesn't actually end sentences, they just flow into the next sentence with the words "and then."

The next picture was:

This one I was informed is of the tiger cave at the beginning of the movie Aladdin, the one that the thief goes into and never comes out of, that Aladdin is later stuck in. She talked about how he roars and moves around and then disappears back into sand.

Hmmm...perhaps no drawing skills, but definitely no lack of imagination!

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